Christmas 2020



Campofrio, a Spanish brand specializing in cured meat products, has for the past ten years been communicating to the public the extraordinary way that Spaniards have of enjoying life.

Everyone eagerly awaits the company’s classic Christmas spots. These ads are popular long-format films starring famous Spanish actors and comedians, with cameo appearances by other well-known artists.

Their subject matter, always treated with humour and emotion, focuses on the various enemies that threaten to keep the Spanish people from enjoying life in this unique way that we have.

And so, in 2020, a year fraught with tough moments, we decided to feature an enemy that has affected us all: death.

The film we launched was an ode to life itself, with a life-affirming message that would lead us to reflect on how important it is to enjoy every moment with our families and friends.

Its protagonist is Death, played by the beloved actor and comedian Enrique "Quique" San Francisco, famed for having cheated death on a variety of occasions as a result of his wild lifestyle.

As the film progresses, Death reminds us that his presence gives meaning to our lives. What is most important is to appreciate everyday things and, in this way, keep life from slipping by without us realizing it. After all, when we see death close up, it’s already too late – too late to experience what we’ve always wanted to experience or to enjoy what is actually within our grasp.


El Sol 2021 - Online Film - Gold
CdeC 2021 (Spanish Creative Club) - Ideas - Silver
CdeC 2021 (Spanish Creative Club) - Strategy/Brand building - Silver
CdeC 2021 (Spanish Creative Club) - Copywriting - In book
CdeC 2021 (Spanish Creative Club) - Strategy/Insight - In book
Best Awards 2021 - Film - Gold
YouTube Ads Leaderboard Spain - Most view commercial December 2020

Sadly, Enrique "Quique" San Francisco would himself pass away two months after appearing in the film.

In the next video, his great friend and popular Spanish TV presenter Pablo Motos pays him a heartfelt tribute during his highly-rated program 'El Hormiguero'. Pablo Motos explains what a special person Enrique was and recounts several of their shared experiences.

At minute 3:39, Pablo Motos makes a particular reference to the Campofrio film as being Enrique’s last performance.